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Fox29 Spotlight

Dec 28, 09:39 PM

The segment of the Fox29 Spotlight that was done on the Bailey Foundation has been posted on the web site in the Photo Gallery section. It has been posted in Quicktime and Windows Media Player format.

Fox 29 to spotlight The Bailey Foundation

Dec 24, 12:02 AM

Fox 29 TV will spotlight The Bailey Foundation on their Good Day morning show on December 23rd. The show airs from 5:30am to 9:00am and there will be two segments broadcast live sometime between 7:00am and 9:00am. Fox 29 does a lot of great work with the animal rescues and shelters in the Delaware Valley by spotlighting them during their “Fursday” shows every Thursday morning on Good Day. Hope you will be able to watch.

Words of Thanks

Dec 20, 09:04 PM

At this time of year we all have many things to be thankful for. Along with the normal items on my list, I have some very special people to be thankful for.

First and foremost is my wife Pat. You have to understand that until Pat met me, she had no idea about companion birds. Shortly after we met the bird bug bit and has since then been endeavoring to enhance her knowledge of companion birds so she can be of more help to me and the foundation. This and the fact that she has put up with me and my antics for 18 years puts her at the top of my list…..

The next two people I wish to thank from the bottom (and top) of my heart are Lin Jellenik and Burnetta Clarke. These two gifted and loving ladies have volunteered a lot of their free time to help the foundation and our birds. They have done everything from grooming the birds to attending outreach programs as well as everything in between. Ladies, you have my eternal gratitude and love…..

The next people I would like to thank are Tim Wenhold and Stacy Kilpatrick. Without their support and help, The Bailey Foundation would not exist. Thank you guys…...

Wade Winningham is the genius behind the web site. His knowledge and talent made it possible to have such a wonderful site, and wait till you see the next version that will be out over the next couple of weeks. He has graciously donated all his time and talent to this project. Thanks Wade…..

Pam Methot is a very talented graphic artist that is responsible for the concept and design of the Bailey Foundation logo and graphics that you see on the web site as well as all our other branded items. She also has graciously donated all her time to this project. Thanks Pam…....

Mattew Stecker has donated the web server that hosts the web site. Along with the server he has lent his technology wizardry to ensuring it stays up and running. Thanks Matthew….

I would also like to thank Cyndi and Scott Slothour, Nathan Granoff, and Joan Duswalt for volunteering their time and knowledge to the Bailey Foundation….

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who has adopted one of our birds in need of a home. Without your love and kindness, these birds would live a life of emptiness. Thank you.

And to all, a Happy Holiday and Prosperous New Year…...

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