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Tips for Recovering Missing Birds
Even though this article is written with the Grey in mind, it applies to all species.

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When decorating your home or planting an aviary, choose plants that are safe for your birds (and other animals) to ingest.

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The Importance of Training Your Macaw
Macaws are huge birds and they do not always want to go back to their playground or cage after a cuddle or play session. They feel they could use another hour or two of one on one and they don’t seem to care that it’s not particularly in your schedule of plans for the day. Therefore they may do anything and everything to remain attached to some part of your body.

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The Avian First Aid Kit
One of the most important items a responsible bird owner should have is a special First Aid Kit just for your bird.

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Much like small children, pet parrots face a minefield of potential dangers in the typical house and yard. It’s up to you to protect your bird from situations and substances that could seriously injure or kill it.

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Forming A Bond
Forming a bond with an older bird who is either rescued or adopted is not as difficult as it may seem. The bond will grow very slowly and surely.

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