Dedicated to enhancing the life of Companion Birds through Education, Rescue, Rehabilitation and Adoption

The Bailey Foundation provides both group and individual educational programs designed for novice through experienced bird owners. We have designed specific programs for schools, clubs, expos and conferences. We also provide one-on-one assistance to individuals who desire a more rewarding relationship with their feathered companion.

We believe that knowledge, patience and love are the keys to a
successful relationship between an individual and the companion bird.

Unfortunately, situations arise where birds may need to be removed from their current homes. Abuse, neglect, or changes in family circumstances can all impact a bird’s life.

At a time like this, The Bailey Foundation will intervene to aid the owner and bird with this transition in their lives.

Once a companion bird comes under the protection of The Bailey Foundation, an extensive evaluation period begins. The purpose is to establish the physical and emotional condition of the bird. Once a baseline is established, the bird goes through a rehabilitation process in order to reintroduce the bird to a fully enriched life as a companion. Depending on the bird’s condition, this can take days, weeks or months. Whatever the time frame, The Bailey Foundation will not place a bird for adoption until we are sure of that bird’s readiness to go to it’s “forever home”.

The Bailey Foundation matches the bird with a potential candidate by carefully screening all prospective adopters. Once an adoptive family is selected, both they and the “Bailey Bird” go through an introduction period to ensure they are compatible.

Our job is not done when the bird goes to its new home. The Bailey Foundation continues its support with follow-up calls, educational support and home visits. Our only mission is to ensure that these incredibly intelligent animals have the love and care they deserve.

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